Being true to fake


As a postscript to my colleague Geoff Payne's article on brands taking a stance Coca Cola Germany's Director of Public Affairs Patrick Kammerer has just laconically applauded an artists'/activists collective 'fake' Coca Cola Christmas OOH ad denigrating German extreme right party AfD with a tweet saying: 'not every fake has to be wrong', says Sabine Stork.

While some Twitterati objected to this 'political' statement most were impressed - tweets endorsed the brand's 'courage', said a simple 'thank you' and included 'I'll have to start drinking Coca Cola again' - Mr Kammerer's seemingly spontaneous response seems spot on both for liberal-minded Millennial targets and a brand that seems aligned with joyous universalism.

Sabine Stork is a founding partner of Thinktank International Research