thinktank world

Inspired thinking

At Thinktank, we know our stuff. We’re proud of our thinkers and of our thinking. Everything we do is strategic, culturally attuned. We do all we can to ensure that our clients’ brands are grounded in consumer truths. You can rely on our strong analysis. And for our output to go beyond Powerpoint.  

The best of digital and analogue

Now, everyone has something to say about new technology. But we have been integrating face-to-face qual with digital for longer than most. After all, we did bring mobile ethnography onboard back in 2006. And we’ve been upgrading our toolkit ever since, tailoring our methods to each client’s challenge. Plus we still do groups because we know how to use them.


Global and local

International marketing is challenging. You have to bridge the gap between global and local. And deliver brands that engage people across borders. That means you need a research agency with extensive international experience and hands-on country management. That agency is Thinktank.