Geoff Payne – Founding Partner.  Thinktank's brand and comms guru.  Former IPA judge and AQR Chair.  

Sabine Stork – Founding Partner.  Into tech as much as beauty brands.  Great international CV including  Kazakhstan, Iran and Vietnam.  Still German after 25 years in the UK.  

Andy Cooper – Partner.  Ten years treading the boards as an international qual researcher. Gets up close and personal with British gardeners, European truckers and global gamers.

Kathryn Bailey – Senior Researcher. Former prison psychologist.  Expert in sensitive topics.   Knows premium brand buyers from the US to China.

Sion Payne – Senior Researcher.  Our in-house gaming specialist.  Go-to person for our online platform, THINKspace.  Also works happily on colds and flu in Eastern Europe and finance in the UK.  

Steve Mullins – Designer and Writer.  Speaks German, French and Spanish.  Renaissance Man.

Jacky Cunningham – Operations Supremo.  Keeps cool no matter how many projects or suppliers.  The hub of Thinktank.