Footloose Thinktank

Thinktank is on three continents this week. We're out getting our hands dirty in the field in Vietnam and Cambodia, with China on the horizon. Plus we have someone posted out in Chicago - coincidentally at the heart of the presidential primaries - who will be covering a good part of the Great Lakes region. And if it's Thursday (which it will be shortly) then it must be Paris. Sabine will be spending two days running groups in the French capital, before trekking across the border to do then same in Frankfurt.

Merkel Schmerkel

The anti-refugee party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), has shaken up Germany’s political landscape with dramatic gains at regional elections, entering state parliament for the first time in three regions off the back of rising anger with Angela Merkel’s asylum policy.

But, in a sign of the increasingly polarised nature of Germany’s political debate, pro-refugee candidates also achieved two resounding victories in the elections – the first to take place in Germany since the chancellor embarked on her flagship open-doors approach to the migration crisis.